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8 Ways to 8%

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Investing Strategies for Eight Percent or Better

September 10, 2016
Craig BurrowsSo let me get this straight… last week the US reports weaker employment and economic data and the markets are up triple digits? Markets seem to be happy with the belief that interest rates will not go up in September. For volatility, what’s worse; weak economic data or continued record low interest rates?

What’s really scary is the US anemic economy is better than Europe with the Brexit contagion possibly going through Europe in next year elections. We haven’t even begun to speak about the US elections in November.

More than ever the average investor needs to find ways to reduce risk from this volatile market. It’s little wonder on our website we love John Maynard Keynes quote of “the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent”.

Over the last 4 years, we have continued to be frustrated with the public markets, and more than ever believe alternative investment strategies are needed to balance the public markets irrational roller coaster cycle. When the market corrects, we believe it won’t be 100 points, it’ll probably drop 400+ points when it does. The challenge is what comes first, the big drop or increased interest rates by the US Fed? If the drop happens before the US Fed announces rate increases in the fall, it could mean a second big drop over the next 4 months.

We’re proud to launch a new program with Money Talk listeners and readers; it’s called “8 ways to 8%”. Between now and up to the World Outlook Conference 2017, we will highlight 8 different strategies to provide alternative investment strategies that target 8% or better annual yields on real cash flow businesses in multiple sectors. Of course we look forward to introducing you to these investment opportunities at the event but for those who listen to the show or subscribe on line, you’ll be able to take advantage of these strategies prior to the February event.

We plan to provide alternative strategies over coming months just in case you believe “the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent”.

Craig S Burrows ICD.D

President & CEO, CCO TriView Capital Ltd.

Five of our 8 Ways to 8%

Petrocapita Income Trust
9 percent returns Canada investment opportunitiesIssuer: Petrocapita Income Trust
Description: Investment in preferred trust units of the Trust (PTUs) targeting 9% yield p.a., paid quarterly, together with “discounted” common shares (Common Shares) of a subsidiary of the Trust which are exchangeable after 18 months (or in certain events) for publicly traded trust units of the Trust (PCE.UN)
Category: Oil & Gas Investment Fund – Acquiring heavy oil production and mid-stream assets in Alberta and Saskatchewan.
Target return: 9% annual return on the PTUs, plus potential additional return attributable to the Common Shares.
Targeted terms: 4 Year duration
PetroCapita 2017 Term Sheet
Clear Sky Income Portfolio Fund – Series II
canada exempt market offersIssuer: Clear Sky Income Portfolio Fund – Series II
Description: The Fund believes that opportunities exist to acquire Car Wash locations at attractive prices with existing operations, and the potential for consistent growth. The Fund will generally focus on acquiring, or otherwise investing in, Express Car Wash locations which were constructed or refurbished in 2000 or later. These Car Washes are located in markets with strong employment growth, established operations and the potential to provide increasing cash flow
Category: Yield
Target return: 10% Annual Investor ROI before other stakeholder participation
Targeted terms: Investors also receive 10% of any distributions of net available cash above the Investor Target Return.
Rev Royalty
8percentIssuer: Rev Royalty Income and Growth Trust
Description: An income and growth fund strategically allocating capital between credit sectors to improve risk and reward prospects
Category: Multi-sector diversified income
Target return: 8%
Targeted terms: Open-ended fund with annual redemption ability

AP Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation
8percentIssuer: AP Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation (AP Capital MIC)
Description: AP Capital MIC started in 2007 and is a mortgage lender in Western Canada. The firm advances short term (1 year) mortgages to owners of primarily single detached homes in urban areas of BC and Alberta. Borrowers are home owners who require short term funds (bridge financing) and often may not fit with conventional bank underwriting (e.g. business-for-self individuals). Equity in the borrowers home is what protects the fund’s capital as the target loan to value is 70%; leaving 30% equity to protect AP’s funds. Over 700 mortgages have been advanced since 2007 worth nearly $200M in mortgage principal. 450 of those mortgages have been fully repaid leaving the current portfolio with 250 mortgages valued at approximately $57M in principal. Mortgages are sourced through mortgage brokers at interest rates of 5-15 percent.

Category: Yield. Cash Flow.
Target return: 7% monthly distribution (Cash or DRIP) plus annual top up (post audit). Annual returns have historically been greater than 8% per annum.
Targeted terms: 4 year redemption fee of 5% in year one. 4% in year two, 3% in year three, 2% in year four. 0% redemption fee after 4 years. Redemption fee is on initial investment only. Up to 5% of initial investment can be redeemed annually without fee.

Equicapita Income Trust
8percentIssuer: AP Equicapita Income Trust
Description: Investment in preferred trust units of the Trust (PTUs) yielding 8% p.a., paid quarterly, together with “free” common equity of the LP (a subsidiary of the Trust)

Category: Private Equity SME Buyout Fund in Western Canada. Targeting business between $5-$30million in enterprise value.
Target return: 8% annual return on the PTUs, plus potential additional return attributable to the common equity of the LP
Targeted terms: 5 year duration

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