Tri View Capital strives to bring you best in class private investment opportunities in our focus areas of:

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  • Financial
  • Energy
  • Growth Opportunities
  • President’s List Opportunities (Accredited Investors Only)

Complete corporate profiles, management teams, security structures, investment risks and terms of the offerings are completely outlined and described in each issuers applicable offering documents, which are available upon request from Tri View Capital or your Private Equity Specialist.

Real Estate:

Canadian Opportunities

Opportunity #1: To take advantage of the rental real estate market in Canada, one of Canada’s largest private REITs has an opportunity to invest in one of the more stable sectors within the real estate market.  A long track record of building a portfolio of rental apartment buildings in Canada. Distributions paid monthly in addition to the annual cash flow, there is potential for moderate capital growth. Registered options available.

Opportunity #2: Edmonton is one of the strongest real estate markets in Canada and with the growth of the energy market, light industrial real estate is in demand. To respond to this, this developer has a 37 acre Commercial / Light Industrial development that lies at the intersection of two major highways 5 minutes west of Edmonton with excellent visibility, location and accessibility. Equity growth play. Registered options available.

Opportunity #3: This Western based company specializes in acquiring, adding value to and managing select multifamily rental properties in growth markets with tightening vacancies, with a focus on Western Canada. Buying ‘C’ class buildings in ‘B’ class locations where rent growth can be achieved. Registered options available.

Opportunity #4:This company provides hospitality investment opportunities by developing or buying globally recognized internationally branded hotels. They target economically strong and growing major urban centers in North America. The hotels are professionally managed; resulting in efficient, modern, and profitable operations.

USA Opportunities

Opportunity #1: Texas is the strongest economy in the USA. A third generation family owned entity that allows eligible investors to participate in the “Texas Real Estate Triangle”. The company sources, structures and manages investments which have attracted hundreds of millions in capital from premier US investment partners such as pension plans & endowments funds. Invest in US real estate through a Canadian Trust to avoid US tax exposure. Equity growth play. Registered options available.

Opportunity #2: Growing demand for rental units in the US Sunbelt States allows for an investing opportunity in multi-family properties in Arizona and New Mexico. Identifying and adding value to these properties through site upgrades and renovations with experienced management aids in generating and increasing the rental income derived. Immediate cash flow with back end upside. Registered options available.

Opportunity #3: A Canadian company with a 30 year track record whose mission to acquire and develop quality properties based on realistic values and to identify and take advantage of unique opportunities. With a Bond / Share program and a Flow Through component in the LP program, investors have a variety of investing options. Registered Options Available.


Opportunity #1: A Canadian based company that specializes in factoring that buys credit receivables contracts, payable by major Retailers like Walmart. For added protection, these receivables contracts are credit insured by mainline trade insurance companies. 1, 3 and 5 year bonds available. Registered Options Available.

Opportunity #2: This Canadian Capital Corporation provides monthly cash income to investors though a diversified portfolio of cash income investments. The objective of the fund is to provide for consistent, longer term risk adjusted returns with reduced volatility though direct control or ownership of the underlying assets of the investment. Monthly dividends are targeted. Registered options available.

Opportunity #3:This Canadian based company has an investment mandate to purchase ‘Multi-Functional Financial Kiosks’ that are deployed throughout the United States. There is a management contract with a Canadian based company to deploy and operate the Kiosks. Kiosks generate fees for each transaction as well as they generate revenue through advertisements. Placed in high traffic areas units are contracted out for a minimum of 5 years with targeted monthly returns after 6 months. Registered options available.


Opportunity #1: This Canadian based partnership was created for the purpose of acquiring producing, long life, low decline, low cost energy assets. The management team has a successful track record of investing in producing oil and gas assets. Highly experienced with over 50 years of experience and one of Canada’s top Oil & Gas CFOs as their CIO. Company uses a hedging strategy to mitigate loss on the volatility of the oil and gas market. Projected quarterly dividends with potential of equity upside. Registered options available.

Opportunity #2: This Canadian Issuer operates a mutual fund trust providing quarterly cash flows. They invest in proven developed producing (PDP) oil and gas assets.  They provide direct exposure to energy, without the exploration and development risks typically associated with traditional oil and gas investments. Registered options available.

Opportunity #3: An Ontario based company focused on the development, acquisition and management of solar photovoltaic (Solar PV) energy power generation installations. This company is focused exclusively on high quality solar PV energy power generation installations backed by long term Power Purchase Agreements with the Ontario Government. Projected monthly yield. Registered options available.


Opportunity #1: This Canadian group acquires established, private, small and medium sized enterprises located primarily in Western Canada. They look for operating companies with a history of generating sustainable cash flow and proven management teams that are looking to transition their business as part of their succession planning. Projected quarterly returns by investing in small businesses across Canada with potential growth upside. Registered options available.

Opportunity #2: The food industry is the largest consumer market in the US. This company is a transformational, socially-responsible “lifestyle” brand. Their mission is to address one of America’s greatest unmet consumer needs by providing great-tasting, affordable, good-for-you packaged food. Registered options available.

President’s List Opportunities (Accredited Investors Only):

Complete corporate profiles, management teams, security structures, investment risks and terms of the offerings are completely outlined and described in each issuers applicable offering documents, which are available upon request from Tri View Capital or your Private Equity Specialist.


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Portfolio Manager #3: The Portfolio Manager is an independent, privately held discretionary investment counsellor & asset management firm. Their mission is to provide well-diversified investment solutions that are designed to protect capital, exhibit lower volatility, produce income, and achieve long-term growth, without exposing clients to unnecessary or excessive risk.

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