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Since we founded TriView in late 2012, our company has raised over $200,000,000 in private equity. Excluding our institutional investors, we’ve raised as an Exempt Market Dealer up to May 31, 2016, $125,375,954 since our inception.

At TriView, we offer our clients 3 ways to diversify your portfolio with private & alternative investments:

  • Yield Products: these are investments that could be real estate, financial or investing in private companies. The yields are based on cash flowing businesses whether the income comes from rent money or revenue from small to mid size companies. As of May 2016, approximately 30% of our capital deployed produces targeted yields between 7% – 12% annual returns
  • Growth Products: These investments are riskier in the sense that they do not provide cash from current operations but the potential of increased capital appreciation over time (usually 3 – 5 year term). These investments can be real estate that are close or beginning construction or tech companies that are on the verge of explosive growth. They would be classified as high risk but the right investment could provide returns in the 18% – 25% per year.
  • Hybrid Products: These are investments that provide cash flow today with capital appreciation in the future. An example of this would be an apartment play where you buy a current building producing a small annual yield but with a little paint and lipstick, they are refurbished with the intent to sell at a premium. Our hybrid products produce targeted yields annually in the 4% – 6% range with a potential exit that would provide an overall return of 12% – 15% at exit


We’ve added more yield producing product as we anticipated back in late 2014 that there would be high volatility and low returns in the public markets. In fact, the height of the TSX over the last 2 years was August 29, 2014 of 15,625 and the market as of May 27, 2016 was only 14,105 (TSX was off -10%). To think that 30% of our issuers target yields between 7% – 12% per annum, we’ve anticipated the volatility and the downturn in the public markets correctly by providing our clients with strong producing yield investments for a non-correlated diversified portfolio, compared to a portfolio fully exposed to the public markets such as the TSX. When you add our Hybrid investments from our product mix, over 64% of our product mix generates some kind of cash flow.

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Please contact us today or one of our private equity specialists to learn more about investing in private and alternative investments.

This information above is for information purposes only and is not, and under no circumstances to be construed as an invitation to make an investment in any securities, nor does it constitute a public offering to sell securities or any other products described herein. It should not be relied upon when evaluating the merits of a potential investment. Investments shall only be considered on the terms of the Confidential Offering Memorandum and/or Subscription documents or other such offering materials as may be applicable for investors in jurisdictions of Canada that meet certain eligibility or minimum purchase requirements. Any investments will also be subject further to Know your client and suitability review and requirements of Tri View Capital Ltd.

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