Welcome to TriView Capital Ltd.

Three Sisters

Welcome to TriView Capital Ltd.


We have a team of experienced investment professionals here to serve you.

Management Team

Our Values

Astute - Accountable - Transparent

We value prioritizing our clients through our qualified management team and providing investors access to important product information. Without our clients, we don’t exist.

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Our Business

People - Process - Product

We strive to achieve a high level of professionalism through our experienced management team and the services we offer. Our primary focus is on real estate, but we offer a variety of products for you to choose from depending on your goals and circumstances.

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The TriView Capital Management Team

Meet Our Team

We founded TriView to offer retail investors the opportunity to invest in opportunities not available through mutual funds or ETFs. We provide high net worth investors alternative and private investments that also provide tax mitigation strategies. We offer our institutional investors private real estate investments that offer attractive returns.

Craig Burrows ICD.D
Co-Founder, CEO & President